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​​Table of Contents for NAEP Technical Documentation

The table of contents below is organized by chapter. To view the subtopics, years, and data tables contained within each chapter, click the plus sign beside the folder to expand the chapter contents. Pages are listed first, followed by data tables and figures.

You may use the tools below to select a batch of pages and tables to combine into a single printout. Select which content to print by clicking the checkboxes next to each page and/or data table. Note that "check all" or "uncheck all" will automatically check all or uncheck all pages in that section. If you check the box to the left of a section (without using check all), you have selected only that page (with none of the subtopics) for printing.

When pages have been checked and selected, click the "Print Checked Items" button to print. Review your selections in print preview, and then print from your browser tool bar. Note that printing all pages in the table of contents below is a long process, and it is recommended that you print out a portion at a time.