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Explore Assessment Data

The NAEP website features a number of applications designed to give you quick and easy access to questions from previous assessments, performance comparisons, and NAEP assessment data for quick or complex analyses.

See more information about each tool below.

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NAEP Data Explorer

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The NAEP data Explorer (NDE) creates customizable tables and graphics to display NAEP results. See the results of specific assessments across multiple years and broken down across a variety of student groups. For some assessments, results are available by state or by participating urban district. Results can be filtered by content areas within subjects.

For in-depth exploration, the NDE provides statistical results such as significance testing, gap analysis, and regression analysis. You can export tables and charts to Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PDFs.

Do you have questions about what the nation's students know and can do?

The NDE provides

  • main national and state results in 10 subject areas including mathematics, reading, writing, and science since 1990;
  • national long-term trend mathematics and reading results from the 1970s to the present;
  • High School Transcript Study data, including course taking and grade-point average for students who graduated high school in 1990, 2000, 2005, and 2009;
  • National Indian Education Study mathematics and reading results for grades 4 and 8 since 2005.

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NAEP Questions Tool

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The NAEP Questions Tool (NQT) provides access to over 3,000 released questions from NAEP assessments in a variety of NAEP subject areas. You can see examples of students’ actual answers to constructed-response questions, with scorer comments. You can also see the percentage of students nationwide who answered each question correctly, and how students’ performance on a given question corresponds to their overall scores.

You can bookmark questions for later use, and use them to supplement classroom instruction. You can also build a quiz and administer it to your students and class.

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Item Maps

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The NAEP Item Maps use released questions from previous NAEP assessments to illustrate the knowledge and skills demonstrated by students performing at different NAEP achievement levels. The Item Maps answer the question, “What does it mean for students to be at Basic, Proficient, or Advanced achievement levels in terms of what they know and can do?”

You can link to released questions from the Item Maps and see performance information separated by student characteristics such as gender or race/ethnic group. You can also view state-level results in mathematics, reading, science, and writing; and review the results of any urban district participating in the NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA).

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State Profiles

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Find key data for state/jurisdiction performance on NAEP assessments in mathematics, reading, writing, and science at grades 4, 8, and 12 (where applicable). View trends and demographics, download snapshot reports, and compare results for each state/jurisdiction with the nation and other states.

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District Profiles

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The NAEP District Profiles present key results from the NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) in mathematics, reading, writing, and science for grades 4 and 8. You can compare the performance of students in participating urban districts to the performance of public school students in large cities nationwide. You can also compare performance among participating districts, quickly see how a district performed over time, and download snapshot reports.

Data are displayed in charts and maps, making it easier to compare performance across jurisdictions. There are also links to the most recent state reports.

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Test Yourself

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Test Yourself allows you to try out actual questions administered to students in the NAEP assessment. Choose a subject and a grade, read the questions, enter your answers, and see if you answered correctly. Your results will be displayed along with the performance data of the nation’s students. For mathematics and reading, district and state performance data are available for the questions you have answered.

Last updated 10 December 2018 (FC)