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ACS-ED Dashboard

The ACS-ED Demographics Dashboard offers a quick infographic summary of annually-updated school district social and economic characteristics. Visit the ACS-ED Dashboard

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ACS-ED Maps provides a geographic look at school district social, economic, demographic, and housing conditions. Explore and compare districts and regions based on annually-updated data from the U.S. Census Bureauís American Community Survey Education Tabulation (ACS-ED).

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Locale Lookup

Use the Locale Lookup to search for schools and school districts in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas, or to find a geographic classification for any location U.S.

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MapED provides geographic context to Census, NCES, and ED datasets. The application allows users to quickly explore information at local and national levels. MapED is maintained as part of NCES''s Census Mapping Program.

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Use SAFE Map to see if schools are far enough away from activities that may not be safe for students and teachers.

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School and District Navigator

Explore administrative conditions of schools and school districts.

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