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The Elementary/Secondary Information System (ElSi) is an NCES web application that allows users to quickly view public and private school data and create custom tables and charts using data from the Common Core of Data (CCD) and Private School Survey (PSS).

ElSi utilizes variables that are frequently requested by users for producing tables. It is a fast, easy way to obtain basic statistical data on U.S. schools. When generating custom tables, ElSi allows the user to choose row variables, column variables and filters to refine the data included in tables produced.

The Common Core of Data (CCD) is a program of the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics that annually collects fiscal and non-fiscal data about all public schools, public school districts and state education agencies in the United States.

The data are supplied by state education agency officials and include information that describes schools and school districts, including name, address, and phone number; descriptive information about students and staff, including demographics; and fiscal data, including revenues and current expenditures.
The Private School Survey (PSS) consists of a single survey that is completed by administrative personnel in private elementary/secondary schools.

Information collected includes: religious orientation; level of school; size of school; length of school year; length of school day; total enrollment (K-12); number of high school graduates; whether a school is single-sexed or co-educational and enrollment by sex; number of teachers employed; program emphasis; and existence and type of Kindergarten program. The PSS is collected on a biennial basis.

With quickFacts you may quickly view single data elements for a state, district or school

  • View characteristic & financial data
  • View contact information
  • Chart and Print data
  • Link to expressTables for additional analysis

With expressTables you may view most requested data tables at the state, county, district, and school levels

  • Make refinements
  • Sort a column with a single click
  • Chart each row of data
  • Print and export a table

With tableGenerator you may create custom tables for a state, district, or school

  • Filter columns
  • Chart & compare institutions
  • Drag & drop, sort, and remove columns
  • Export a table
NOTE: All three ElSi tools use available data beginning in 1986-87 to the most recent school year from Common Core Data (CCD) and Private School Survey (PSS). Closed Schools (status=2) and Closed Districts (bound=2) are excluded from this application. Visit ElSi's about the data section for more information.