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NAEP Data Available for Secondary Analysis

Public-Use Data

Most NAEP data from 1990 to date are now available online in the NAEP Data Explorer (NDE). Results from national (public and private school) and state (public school only) NAEP assessments since 1990 can be viewed by grade and subject assessed. Users can customize the data displays according to their interests.

In addition to the NDE, there are other NAEP data tools that present different views of the data, and are also helpful in planning research using NAEP restricted-use data described below. Read about the NDE and its companion tools, including the Questions Tool, Item Maps, State Comparisons, State Profiles, and District Profiles. 

Restricted-Use Data

Micro-level NAEP data in raw format (i.e., respondent-level data, including weights) are available on CD-ROM for the purpose of secondary analysis only after your organization applies for and receives a restricted-use data license from NCES. The license is intended to protect the confidentiality of individual students and schools. These restricted-use data are available beginning with the 1990 assessment, and include respondent-level data and weights. Files listing the variables available for each year may be downloaded in Excel and text (CSV) format without a license.

Learn about NAEP analysis procedures from The NAEP Primer.

Data Prior to 1990

Several sets of NAEP data from 1970 to 1980 and from the 1987 High School Transcript Study are available online from the University of Michigan Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). Data may be downloaded after agreement to ICPSR terms. See membership information for details.

Results from the 1984, 1986, and 1988 assessments (that used different frameworks from the assessments available on this website) are currently available on data tapes for public use from the Educational Testing Service. Please contact Taslima Rahman, (202) 502-7316, to obtain more information.

Last updated 07 November 2011 (NB)