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Research Library

Explore this centralized resource to access technical documentation, working papers, reports, journals, and articles that examine NAEP analytic methods, survey design, survey procedures, or data quality issues. This resource serves as an archive, so material is added regularly.

Working Papers

Technical working papers provide preliminary analysis of NAEP technical and methodological issues, are works in progress, and are used to present and promote the sharing of valuable experience and knowledge. Papers explore topics such as quality assurances, methodology, procedures, data, and other items.

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

ERIC provides an extensive archive of NAEP research publications, including journal articles. ERIC is an online digital library of education research and information. It is sponsored by the Institute of Education Science (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education

ERIC offers multiple avenues for conducting research. An initial search might be "NAEP" or "national assessment of educational progress" or "nation’s report card" or “assessment governing board.

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NAEP Technical Handbook: Methods and Procedures

The Technical Documentation on the Web (TDW) section of the NAEP website is written for researchers and assumes knowledge of educational measurement and testing. The TDW contains information about the technical procedures and methods of NAEP: how the assessment is designed and conducted, and how data are analyzed.

The site is organized into chapters, which are updated with information for each new assessment year. Chapters include information about the following:

  • How assessments are designed.
  • How schools and students are sampled.
  • How assessment materials are produced, distributed, and delivered.
  • How assessments are administered.
  • How student and school data are collected.
  • How assessment responses from sampled groups of students are
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Last updated 06 April 2022 (AA)