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NAEP Technical Documentation

This section of the NAEP website, technical documentation on the web (TDW), is written for researchers and assumes knowledge of educational measurement and testing. TDW contains information about the technical procedures and methods of NAEP. The TDW site is organized by topic (from Instruments through Analysis and Scaling) with subtopics, including information specific to a particular assessment.

To view one specific topic, select from those below, and follow the internal links. Note that breadcrumb trail navigation keeps track of what you've read. Each page has a link for previewing a printer-friendly version, if you wish to print.

To view all contents currently available on the TDW website in a single display, click on the "Table of Contents" link above. This will direct you to a complete list of all contents, from which you can select, compile, and print.

Sample Design
Data Collection
Processing Assessment Materials
Analysis and Scaling

Last updated 13 May 2009 (RF)

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