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Resources for Researchers

Explore the many technical aspects of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and learn about available resources for conducting education research with NAEP data such as: data available to the public, web-based tools, restricted-use datasets, statistical software packages, working papers and publications, trainings, and more.

Data Available for Secondary Analysis & Data Tools

Are You An Educator?From its assessment frameworks to assessment questions to data-rich results, NAEP data provides educators a way to evaluate student achievement. Teachers, principals, and other educators can also use the NAEP data tools to analyze and improve educational outcomes.
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Are You A Researcher?Become familiar with NAEP procedures, and learn how to use web-based tools to analyze NAEP data and conduct preliminary explorations of hypotheses before obtaining a license to access restricted-use datasets.

Statistical Software

Analyzing the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) restricted-use datasets requires special statistical methods due to their scope and complexity. The following analysis software for NAEP restricted-use datasets can assist you in conducting analyses for your education research:

  • EdSurvey R Package,
  • AM Statistical Software, and
  • the NAEP Data Toolkit.
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NAEP Research & Development Program

The NAEP Research and Development (NAEP R&D) Team conducts studies that contribute to new methodologies for analyzing and operationalizing large -scale assessments. In addition, NAEP R&D promotes the access to and dissemination of this line of research through trainings, internships and a cooperative agreement program. All of these efforts support NAEP in maintaining its reputation as the “gold standard of student assessment.

Last updated 28 May 2024 (MB)