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Welcome to the NAEP Research e-Center

Pioneer NAEP researchers, John W. Tukey, Robert Abelson, and Lyle V. Jones, in 1970.
Explore the many technical aspects of the NAEP program and learn about available resources for conducting research with NAEP data.

Pictured left are pioneer NAEP researchers John W. Tukey, Robert Abelson, and Lyle V. Jones, in 1970. Photo reprinted with permission from "Technical Giants of National Assessment," Compact, 6(1), February 1972, published by the Education Commission of the States (ECS), 700 Broadway, Suite 1200, Denver, CO 80203-3460, 303.299.3600. (c) 1972. All rights reserved.

Research With NAEP Data

NAEP is the only nationally representative database of academic performance for American students. Tap into this rich source of information by learning more about the available data and analysis tools. These tools are designed for audiences with a variety of levels of statistical knowledge, allowing users to mine data of interest.

The NAEP Primer (NCES 2011463) guides analysts through the intricacies of the databases, making the technologies more user-friendly. This guide contains a mini-sample of real data that have been approved for public use, enabling secondary analysts to familiarize themselves with the procedures before obtaining a license to a dataset. The NAEP Primer also provides a technical history of NAEP and other information that make it an excellent resource for anyone interested in NAEP data.

NAEP Technical Documentation

The NAEP Technical Documentation section of the website details the procedures used in designing, conducting, and analyzing data from NAEP assessments, beginning with NAEP 2000. This technical documentation will be augmented as soon as new sections and new assessment years are approved. The technical documentation home page provides general information about this publication and also links to each section, other assessment procedures reports, and a search function exclusively for the technical documentation.

Technical manuals from years before 2000 were published in print format and may be downloaded from the NCES electronic catalog.

Training and Conferences

NAEP offers training and seminars throughout the year for various users of NAEP information and data. In addition, many conferences schedule NAEP-related presentations and discussions. Find out about these events.

NAEP e-Library

Enter this centralized resource to access reports and working papers on NAEP special studies and technical issues, and obtain other information helpful to users of NAEP data. Included here are links to the assessment schedule and assessment history, field manuals, older questionnaires, and a history of NAEP contracts. This e-Library serves as an archive, so material is added regularly.

In May 2012, a white paper, NAEP: Looking Ahead—Leading Assessment Into the Future, was presented. In order to continue moving the NAEP program forward, meetings had been held in 2011–2012 with experts in assessment, measurement, cognition, and technology. Participants were encouraged to “think big” about the role NAEP should play in the future—ten years ahead and beyond. Read their high-level vision for the future of the NAEP program.

Last updated 20 December 2016 (DS)