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NAEP 2021 student data collection postponed until 2022.

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Resources for Researchers

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Explore the many technical aspects of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and learn about available resources for conducting research with NAEP data:

  • Explore data available to the public and become familiar NAEP procedures.
  • Learn how to use web-based tools to analyze NAEP data and conduct preliminary explorations of hypotheses before obtaining a license to access restricted-use datasets.
  • Use selected statistical software packages to process and analyze NAEP data efficiently, taking into account NAEP’s scope and complexity.
  • Learn more about NAEP methods and procedures in the NAEP Technical Handbook.
  • Find working papers, technical/methodological papers, journals, and other publications that examine NAEP.
  • Stay up to date with training workshops, PhD internships, postdoctoral appointments, cooperative agreements, and conferences.

Statistical Software

Download and learn how to use selected statistical software packages to conduct data analysis.

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NAEP Technical Handbook: Methods and Procedures

Watch a module: Key design features of NAEP
Watch a module: Key Design Features of NAEP.

The Technical Documentation on the Web (TDW) section of the NAEP website is written for researchers and assumes knowledge of educational measurement and testing. The TDW contains information about the technical procedures and methods of NAEP: how the assessment is designed and conducted, and how data are analyzed. 

The site is organized into chapters, which are updated with information for each new assessment year. Chapters include information about the following:

  • how assessments are designed;
  • how schools and students are sampled;
  • how assessment materials are produced, distributed, and delivered;
  • how assessments are administered;
  • how student and school data are collected; and
  • how assessment responses from sampled groups of students are statistically weighted. 
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Research Library

Explore this centralized resource to access working papers, documentation, reports, journals, and articles that examine NAEP analytic methods, survey design, survey procedures, and data quality issues.

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Training and Conferences

Training and conferences are held throughout the year to learn more about the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), its database, analysis methods, item development, administration, data quality, and more. Training includes workshops, PhD internships, postdoctoral appointments, and cooperative agreements. NAEP staff and other researchers present papers on issues related to large-scale assessments, as well as training on aspects of NAEP.

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Last updated 22 October 2020 (DS)