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Survey Questionnaires

Questionnaires for Students, Teachers, and School Administrators

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) survey questionnaires are voluntarily completed by students, teachers, and school administrators who participate in a NAEP assessment. Survey questionnaires collect additional information about students’ demographics and K-12 education experiences. Responses to the questionnaires provide important information for educators, policymakers, and researchers to better understand the context in which students learn, and, in turn, can help improve education in our nation's classrooms.

Student Experience and NAEP Performance

Many factors may influence student achievement, including educational policies and practices, available instructional resources, and experiences outside of school. Although comparisons are made in students’ performance on NAEP based on demographic characteristics and educational experiences, the comparisons cannot be used to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the characteristic or experience and achievement. However, educators can view results from the student, teachers, and school questionnaires, as well as average scores on the assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are NAEP survey questionnaires?
What kinds of questions and topics do NAEP survey questionnaires include?
How does NAEP decide which questions to ask in the survey questionnaires?
How much time will students spend completing NAEP survey questionnaires?
Do students have to complete NAEP survey questionnaires?
Can students skip questions that they do not want to answer?
How will students’ responses on NAEP survey questionnaires be reported?
How does NAEP ensure the privacy and anonymity of students, teachers, and school respondents?
How do students’, their teachers’, and school administrators’ responses to NAEP survey questionnaires contribute to improving education in the United States?
Why does NAEP ask students about their race and ethnicity?
Why does NAEP ask students questions about how far in school their parents went, whether their parents are working, and their home (e.g., ZIP code, who lives in the home, whether there is a computer or a dishwasher in the home)?

Last updated 15 May 2024 (DS)