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Data Informs Policy and Practice

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) provides a common measure of student achievement across the country. Policymakers, educators, the assessment community, and the media use NAEP data to improve education for our nation's students. NAEP data informs education policy and practice by

  • reporting the achievement of various student groups;
  • analyzing NAEP results in the context of educational experiences;
  • contributing to the conversation about education and providing additional analysis of the data beyond the Nation's Report Cards at various conferences, events, and blog discussions; and
  • providing tools and resources for the classroom and data analysis.

NAEP Offers Insight into Achievement for Various Student Groups

NAEP results reflect the overall performance of different student groups. Results are released for student groups based on the following:

  • race or ethnicity,
  • eligibility for free or reduced-price school lunch,
  • identification as students with disabilities,
  • identification as English learners,
  • type of school, and
  • highest level of parental education.

NAEP Reports Results in the Context of Educational Experiences

Participating students, teachers, and school administrators complete questionnaires about educational experiences and related factors that could affect students’ learning. Questionnaire responses help give the assessment results context. Explore the latest findings about students' educational experiences and opportunities for learning.

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Teacher in classroom with students.

NAEP Contributes to the Conversation

Convening ExpertsNCES regularly hosts and attends events to discuss education data, student achievement, and opportunities for improvement. Explore a playlist that includes recent webinars, conference sessions, and explore upcoming NAEP conferences and events.
Panel of NAEP experts in recent virtual conference.
More Students Are Not Meeting NAEP's Minimum Achievement Expectations: Resources to Change Trajectory
NAEP Plus BlogNCES contributes to the conversation about education in our nation through the NAEP Plus Blog which discusses NAEP data and its implications and opportunities for the future.

NAEP Provides Tools and Resources for Educators

NAEP provides educators with tools and resources to

  • explore education data and statistics
  • create tests using NAEP sample questions,
  • access data about educational experiences and NAEP performance across regions, states, districts, and
  • understand what skills and abilities students demonstrate at the NAEP Basic, NAEP Proficient, and NAEP Advanced achievement levels.
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NAEP provides resources for exploring education data and student experiences.

Last updated 03 April 2024 (DS)