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Technology and Engineering Literacy Assessment

Play the TEL Video The Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL)  assessment measured whether students are able to apply technology and engineering skills to real-life situations. TEL is computer-based and uses interactive scenario-based tasks to gauge what students know and can do. NAEP field staff will be administering the 2018 TEL assessment from January to March of 2018. The innovative tasks and results of the 2014 assessment are available now.

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Additional TEL Resources

What did the assessment measure, and how was it developed?Who took the assessment, and how was it administered?Find out what students should know and be able to do by viewing descriptions of the NAEP TEL achievement levels. View the TEL student and school survey questionnaires, and learn why they were given.View TEL Information for Parents.See Information for Selected Schools.See TEL Overview Factsheet PDF File (108 KB).

View an example of a task administered to students in the TEL Wells Task.
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