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Inclusion Study

Image illustrating findings of 2009 report. Included in report PDF as Figure 8. 
Measuring Status and Change in NAEP Inclusion Rates of Students with Disabilities - Results 2007-2009 is part of a series of re​ports to develop a methodology for measuring state inclusion rates of students with disabilities. The methodology takes into account the differing demographics and inclusion policies in each state. This study provides an update of that research and methodology using data from the 2009 NAEP assessments.

Inclusion Study Publications

More About Inclusion

Read about the methodology used in the 2009 inclusion report. View detailed information on each state's results in separate factsheet documents available for each state. See key findings, results, and appendix tables from the 2009 report. See the percentages of students with disabilities in the nation and the states. For more information see FAQs. Read more about inclusion policies and other reports on inclusion.

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Last updated 03 June 2015 (DS)