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NAEP Technical Documentation Accommodation Booklets for the 2017 Assessment

Accommodation booklets, by grade and subject: 2017
​GradeSubjectRead aloudLarge print/ read aloudBrailleCalculatorCalculator/ read aloudCalculator/ large printBilingualBilingual/ read aloudBilingual/ calculatorLarge print/ bilingual
​4Mathematics (paper based) - operational and pilotM101RK
MU745M107M105C M140C M150C​M105C M140C M150C​M145C​M901C-BL
Reading (paper based) - operational and pilotR010 1R010​††​†​
​8​Mathematics (paper based) - operational and pilotM101PV M114C M115C M133T M134​M134​M134​M105C M106C M114CM105C M106C M114C​M106C​M901C-BL M911T-BL​†​M901C-BLM901C-BL
Reading (paper based) - operational†​R010 1R010​†​†​†​​††​†​†​
​Puerto Rico - Grade 4Mathematics (paper based) - operationalM813R M814K M819 M828C​M819​†​M828CM828C​M828C​†​†​†​†​
​Puerto Rico - Grade 8Mathematics (paper based) - operationalM813P M815T M826 M828C​M826​†​M826M826M826†​†​†​
† Not applicable.
1 Not available as a read aloud accommodation.
NOTE: Mathematics and reading accommodation booklets for paper based testing only were provided by the materials distribution contractor.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2017 Assessment.​

Last updated 08 August 2022 (ML)