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NAEP Technical DocumentationSample Design for the 2007 National Assessment 


Fourth- and Eighth-Grade Public School Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Assessments

Twelfth-Grade Public School Writing Assessment

Fourth-, Eighth-, and Twelfth-Grade Private School Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Assessments


The NAEP 2007 national assessment included four components:

  • reading and mathematics assessments of fourth- and eighth-grade students in public schools;
  • writing assessments for eighth-grade public schools;
  • reading, mathematics, and writing studies of twelfth-grade students in public schools; and
  • reading and mathematics studies of fourth- and eighth-grade schools in private schools, and writing in eighth- and twelfth-grade schools in private schools.

The sample design aimed to achieve a nationally representative sample of students in the defined populations who were enrolled at the time of assessment. The selected samples were based on a two-stage sample design: 

  • selection of schools within strata, and 
  • selection of students within schools.

The first-stage samples of schools were selected with probability proportional to a measure of size based on the estimated grade-specific enrollment in the schools.

For the reading and mathematics assessments in fourth- and eighth-grade public schools, the national samples were the state assessment samples for each jurisdiction. The national writing assessment for eighth grade also used the state assessment samples. A small number of students were sampled within the reading-mathematics spiral to account for jurisdictions not participating in the writing assessment at the state level.

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