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Processing Assessment Materials → Processing Schedules and Overall Counts for 2007

NAEP Technical DocumentationProcessing Schedules and Overall Counts for 2007


2007 Processing Schedule

2007 Student Participation and Session Information

In the spring of 2007, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assessed a national sample of students in mathematics and reading at grades 4 and 8 and in writing at grades 8 and 12. In addition, NAEP pilot tested mathematics items at grades 4 and 8 and reading items at grades 4, 8, and 12.

Materials staff was responsible for the following tasks:

  • printing of test booklets and questionnaires,
  • materials packaging and distribution,
  • receipt control,
  • data capture through image and optical mark recognition scanning,
  • data editing and validation,
  • training and performance scoring of trend constructed-response items,
  • preparation of materials for scoring of constructed-response items,
  • data file creation, and
  • inventory control and materials storage.

NAEP staff received and processed more than 1,250,000 documents. Of these, approximately one million were assessed student booklets. In addition to the student documents processed, there were fourth-grade teacher questionnaires, eighth-grade mathematics teacher questionnaires, eighth-grade language arts teacher questionnaires, fourth-grade school questionnaires, eighth-grade school questionnaires, twelfth-grade school questionnaires, students with disabilities (SD) questionnaires, English language learner (ELL) questionnaires, administration schedules, and four types of rosters. In addition, there were fourth- and eighth-grade student questionnaires, fourth- and eighth-grade teacher questionnaires, and a school questionnaire specific to the National Indian Education Study (NIES.) NAEP staff also collected information in the Extended Student Background Questionnaire(ESBQ) from a small number of fourth- and eighth-grade students. (This small special study informed the Socioeconomic Status(SES) Working Group.) Most questionnaires were offered both in traditional paper form and online. The SD, ELL, and ESBQ questionnaires, as well as the NIES fourth- and eighth-grade student questionnaires, were not available online.

Scoring of the 2007 NAEP assessment occurred at four sites:

  • Mesa, Arizona (mathematics);
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia (reading and writing);
  • Iowa City, Iowa (reading and writing); and
  • Tucson, Arizona (reading and writing).

Representatives of the Quality Control contractor visited all four sites to audit processing—receipt control, data preparation, scanning, and editing. As the Quality Control Monitor for NAEP, the contractor was responsible for the quality checks that are built into the process.

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