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NAEP Technical DocumentationNAEP 2008 Sample Design


Arts Assessment Sample Design

Long-Term Trend (LTT) Assessment Sample Design

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The NAEP 2008 sample design consisted of two assessments: arts and long-term trend (LTT) in mathematics and reading.

Both assessments included separate sample components for public and private schools and were based on a three-stage sample design:

  • selection of primary sampling units (PSUs),
  • selection of schools within strata, and
  • selection of students within schools.

The sample selection process for arts and the LTT assessment was coordinated at the PSU and school levels. The goal of the coordination was to reduce the amount of overlap between the two assessments in the selection of PSUs and in the selection of sample schools when the two assessments happen to be in the same PSU.

Last updated 05 March 2010 (JL)