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NAEP Technical DocumentationAccommodations Booklets and Bilingual Glossary for the 2000 Assessment

In 2000, one booklet from each grade in science was designated as an accommodations booklet. There was also a separate mathematics bilingual booklet in grades 4 and 8 that was used for accommodations. These booklets were all grouped in bundles of five. Each bundle contained a bundle slip that indicated the book IDs on the booklets within the bundle, so the supervisor or administrator would not have to open the bundle to record the booklet ID on the administration schedule.

One mathematics and science booklet at each grade was also identified for use as a large-print booklet. The national main supervisors received a bulk supply. The state assessment administrators requested these as a short shipment item once they received their original shipment. To protect the security of these booklets in the state administrations, they were individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag with instructions.

Accommodations booklet numbers, including large-print booklets, bilingual booklets, and bilingual glossaries, by grade and subject area, national main and state assessments: 2000
Grade Subject area Large-print booklet Bilingual booklet1 Bilingual glossary2
4 Mathematics M120 M911C-BL
Science S229 S218C
8 Mathematics M120 M911C-BL
Science S229 S224
12 Mathematics M120
Science S229 S211
† Not applicable. This accommodation was not offered to this sample of students.
1 In the 2000 assessment, NAEP provided the bilingual booklets.
2 In the 2000 assessment, schools provided the bilingual glossaries.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2000.

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