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NAEP Technical DocumentationDistribution of Questionnaires

Beginning in 2014, the printing of administration schedules, worksheets, and rosters of questionnaires was replaced by the data collection staff's electronic preassessment visit system. In addition, the data collection from students with disabilities (SD) and  English learners (EL) worksheets was built into the preassessment visit system.  This system was utilized again in 2015.

NAEP captured data from School and Teacher Questionnaires in 2015 via an online questionnaire system, approximately 103,000 were entered into this system by school staff. 

Scannable paper questionnaires were also produced and provided to the data collection staff. Approximately 5,600 completed school and teacher scannable questionnaires were returned to the materials handling staff. 

Last updated 26 August 2021 (PG)