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Batching and Scanning Questionnaires


2008 Questionnaire Totals
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Rosters for each grade—plus a supplemental students with disabilities / English language learners (SD/ELL) questionnaire roster—are used during the assessment to account for all questionnaires. The roster of questionnaires for each grade records the distribution and return status of teacher questionnaires, school questionnaires, and SD/ELL questionnaires. Supplemental SD/ELL questionnaire rosters are provided to supervisors for those schools with large SD/ELL populations. Some questionnaires may not be available for return with the shipment. These are returned to the materials processing center at a later date in an envelope provided for that purpose. The questionnaires are submitted for scanning as sufficient quantities become available for batching. Batches of questionnaires and rosters, which are image scannable documents, are also created on the Work Flow Management System. Batches are then forwarded to scanning, where all data on the rosters and questionnaires are scanned into the system.

Write-in responses are typically present in the questionnaires. NAEP assessment materials staff provide data analysis staff with the full text of the written responses for the race/ethnicity question from the student booklets. This race/ethnicity response is keyed exactly as the respondent wrote it and is stored in a 50-character field. The SD/ELL questionnaires (as well as the teacher questionnaires for the 2000 assessment only) also contain written responses for the race/ethnicity question. These responses are processed in the same manner.

Last updated 23 August 2010 (JL)