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NAEP Technical DocumentationAccommodation Booklets for the 2013 Assessment

For the 2013 NAEP operational and pilot assessments, read aloud, calculator accommodation, large-print, Braille, and bilingual booklets were available for students who were identified by school officials as needing an accommodation based on their designation as students with disabilities (SD) or English language learners (ELL).

The booklets were given a unique identification bar code number separate from the booklets used in regular testing. The NAEP data collection staff were given a supply of read-aloud booklets in their initial shipment from the materials distribution contractor. The calculator accommodation, large-print, Braille, and mathematics and science bilingual books were obtained through an online ordering system supplied by the materials distribution contractor.


Accommodation booklets by subject, grade, and assessment: 2013
AssessmentGradeSubjectRead AloudLarge PrintBrailleCalculator AccommodationCalculator and Read Aloud AccommodationCalculator and Large Print AccommodationBilingualBilingual Calculator Accommodation
† Not applicable.
 1 1Special Study
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2013 Assessment.
Operational4MathM101RK, M105C, M107, M133F, M134M134CM107M105C, M140C, M145CM105CM145CM901-BL (M902-BL), M911-BL (M912-BL)M903-BL (M904-BL)
8MathM101PV, M114C, M115C, M133T, M134M134M134M105C, M106C, M114CM114CM106CM901-BL (M902-BL), M911-BL (M912-BL)M903-BL (M904-BL)
12MathM105OU, M113UC, M115UN, M121UC, M135UC, M150U, M156UPCM150UM150UM107UC, M108UC, M109UC, M120UC, M121UC, M133UC, M149UC, M161UC, M173UC, M185UC, M192UCM121UCM149UC
Puerto Rico4MathM813R, M814K, M819, M828CM819N/AM828C, M833CM828CM828C
8MathM813P, M815T, M826, M828CM826N/AM828C, M833C, M834CM828CM828C
NAEP-PISA19, 10, 11MathM201PV, M205C,M209C, M214C, M215CM215CM134 (same as Gr.8 operational)M205C, M206C, M214CM205CM206C

Last updated 27 June 2017 (GF)