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NAEP Technical DocumentationTeacher Questionnaire

To provide supplemental information about the instructional experiences reported by students, teachers are asked to complete a questionnaire about their instructional practices, classroom organization, teaching background and training, and the subject in which students are being assessed. While teachers' completion of the questionnaire is voluntary, NAEP encourages their participation since their responses make the NAEP assessment more accurate and complete. Teacher questionnaires can be completed in a paper booklet or online through a secure website.

Teacher questionnaires are organized into different parts. The first part of the teacher questionnaire tends to cover background and general training, and includes items concerning years of teaching experience, certifications, degrees, major and minor fields of study, course work in education, course work in specific subject areas, the amount of in-service training and professional development, and the extent of control over instructional issues.

Subsequent parts of the teacher questionnaire tend to cover classroom organizational and instructional information, the availability of resources for the classroom, and teacher exposure to issues related to the subject and the teaching of the subject. They also ask about pre- and in-service training, the ability level of the students in the class, the length of homework assignments, use of particular resources, and how students are assigned to particular classes.

The content and format of teacher questionnaires differ slightly from year to year and depend on what grade levels and subject areas are being assessed. The table below includes links to teacher questionnaires administered between 2000 and 2012. For more information on how items are developed for the teacher questionnaire and how the resulting data are used and analyzed, see NAEP Questionnaires for Students, Teachers, and Schools.

Links to NAEP teacher questionnaires (in PDF format), by grade and subject area: Various years, 2000–2013
Subject areaGrade 4Grade 8Grade 12
Civics/Geography/U.S. History (2010) 788K
Civics/Geography/U.S. History/Writing (2010) 891K
Civics, U.S. History (2006) 200K 129K
Economics (2012)
Economics (2006) 116K
Geography (2001) 122K 90K
Language Arts/Mathematics (2007) 384K
Language Arts (2007) 121K
Mathematics (2013) 423K 375K
Mathematics (2011) 798K
Mathematics (2009) 106K
Mathematics (2007) 320K
Mathematics (2005) 243K 207K
Mathematics (2003) 133K 75K
Reading (2013) 423K 363K
Reading (2011) 754K
Reading/Mathematics/Science(2009) 246K
Reading (2009) 101K
Reading (2005) 243K 187K
Reading (2003) 133K 67K
Science (2011) 934K
Science (2009) 117K
Science (2005) 243K 172K
Science (2000) 63K 71K 30K
U.S. History (2001) 122K 90K
Writing (2011) 681K
Writing (2010) 754K
Writing (2002) 115K 116K
† Not applicable; a teacher questionnaire was not created for this grade and subject area in the given assessment year.
NOTE: In the 2000 assessment, teacher questionnaires were administered at grade 12; however, the questionnaire responses were not used in the assessment analysis and were not linked to student responses.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), various years, 2000-2013 Assessments.

Last updated 21 May 2017 (DC)