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NAEP Technical DocumentationAccommodation Booklets for the 2014 Assessment

For the 2014 NAEP paper and pencil operational and pilot assessments, read aloud, large-print, Braille, and bilingual booklets were available for students who were identified by school officials as needing an accommodation based on their designation as students with disabilities (SD) or English learners (EL).

The booklets were given a unique identification bar code number separate from the booklets used in regular testing. The NAEP data collection staff was given a supply of read-aloud booklets in their initial shipment from the materials distribution contractor. Large-print and Braille books were obtained through an online ordering system supplied by the materials distribution contractor.

Accommodation booklets by subject, grade, and assessment: 2014
AssessmentGradeSubjectRead AloudLarge PrintBrailleBilingual
† Not applicable.
NOTE: The social science assessment braille booklets were used in both 2010 and 2014. Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) was assessed at grade 8 on laptop computers equipped with tools such as text to speech and zoom to increase font size that were available to all TEL students. BL-D refers to a bilingual dictionary accommodation that was available to students taking TEL.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2014 Assessment.
Operational8CivicsC301 C305 C309 C313C314C314-BR (2010)C931-BL (C932-BL)
GeographyG401R G405R G409RAG401RG461-BR (2010)G941-BL (G942-BL)
U.S. historyH501 H503 H505 H507 H509H520H561-BR (2010)H951-BL (H952-BL)
Technology and engineering literacy (TEL)BL-D
S291 S292S291
8 Science
S291 S292 S292
12Science S291Q S292QS292Q

Last updated 30 August 2021 (ML)