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NAEP Technical DocumentationQuestionnaires


Distribution of
Questionnaires for Each Assessment

2018 Assessment

2017 Assessment

2016 Assessment

2015 Assessment

2014 Assessment

2013 Assessment

2012 Assessment

2011 Assessment

2010 Assessment

2009 Assessment

2008 Assessment

2007 Assessment

2006 Assessment

2005 Assessment

2004 Assessment

2003 Assessment

2002 Assessment

2001 Assessment

2000 Assessment

Paper questionnaires are provided to the data collection field staff for those schools and/or teachers who would rather complete the paper version vs the online version and any new schools and teachers identified after the preassessment visit.

Once the final printed paper questionnaires have arrived at the materials processing distribution site, a bar code is applied to each questionnaire. The questionnaires are then bundled in a pre-determined size with a bundle slip or header sheet. The bar code on the questionnaires and bundle slip are scanned before they are wrapped for distribution. The scanned barcodes are loaded into the materials processing distribution system. During the final packaging phase, the bundle number from each questionnaire type is assigned to a data collection administrator. This information is also sent to the data collection contractor.

The sampling design staff upload the information into their electronic preassessment visit system

Last updated 29 November 2022 (SK)