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NAEP Scoring → Training for Scoring of NAEP Items

NAEP Technical DocumentationTraining for Scoring of NAEP Items


Training the Scoring Trainers

Training the Scoring Supervisors

Training the Scorers


All personnel are intensively trained both in their duties and in the duties of others. This occurs prior to the scoring effort. The trainers who train the scorers on rating items, the supervisors who oversee a group of scorers, and the scorers themselves are all given general and specific training as to their duties. This training unfolds over a period of many weeks.

Training for scoring trainers begins first, with staff reviewing all training materials either recently developed for new items or previously archived for items that are being used again from prior assessments. All trainers receive intensive training regarding NAEP practices prior to developing their specific presentations of assigned items to train.

Supervisors are trained next, somewhat later than trainers. Trainers join the supervisors for part of the training, specifically the sections that detail operation of the electronic scoring system and NAEP's scoring statistical reports. Because trainers and supervisors work closely together around the scoring system, both groups need to know the system well. An important aspect of supervisor (with trainer) training is the actual training and scoring of a NAEP item, with individuals rotating through the various roles, including that of scorer.

The training of scorers begins on the first day of scoring as the scorers are given the general overview of the facility and the NAEP project, as well as their scoring team assignments. General training continues in more detail at the team level with the supervisors. Later, with supervisors present, trainers present the first items to be trained and scored. NAEP procedure is to train an item and then score all student responses for that item. When complete, scorers are trained on the next item, which is also completely scored, and so on, until all items in the assessment have been scored. 

Last updated 07 July 2008 (SB)

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