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NAEP Processing Assessment Materials → Processing Schedules and Overall Counts for 2001

NAEP Technical DocumentationProcessing Schedules and Overall Counts for 2001


2001 Processing Schedule

2001 Student Participation and Session Information

In 2001, NAEP assessed 60,000 students in geography and U.S. history in grades four, eight, and twelve. Additionally, there were 2,489 fourth- and eighth-grade teacher questionnaires and 1,043 school questionnaires for the three grades. Each of the four types of fourth-grade teacher questionnaires had identical Sections 1 and 2. Section 3 was different in each of the forms; it contained new, field test items. In addition, there were four form types for each of the three grades of school questionnaires. The make-up of these twelve forms was similar to the fourth-grade teacher questionnaires (Sections 1 and 2 previously administered material and Section 3 new field test items). Because eighth-grade teachers usually teach a single subject rather than multiple subjects, there were separate teacher questionnaires for geography/U.S. history and language arts. All field test items were placed in the eighth-grade language arts teacher questionnaire. Additionally, there were 16,462 students with disabilities/limited-English-proficient (SD/LEP) questionnaires processed. There were 2,468 tracking forms or rosters for the questionnaires.

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