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NAEP Processing Assessment Materials → Processing Schedule and Overall Counts for 2003

NAEP Technical DocumentationProcessing Schedules and Overall Counts for 2003


2003 Processing Schedule

2003 Student Participation Counts

In the Spring of 2003, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assessed students in reading and mathematics at grades four and eight for both the national and state sample of students.

The NAEP materials center received and processed more than 991,000 documents. Of these, approximately 725,000 were assessed student booklets for the operational samples. All 50 states and 6 jurisdictions (Department of Defense Dependents Schools [DoDDS], Department of Defense Elementary and Secondary Schools [DDESS], Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and the Northern Marianas) participated in the assessment in 2003. Puerto Rico assessed its students using the NAEP blocks translated into Spanish.

In addition to the assessment instruments processed, there were

  • fourth-grade teacher questionnaires,
  • eighth-grade mathematics teacher questionnaires,
  • eighth-grade reading teacher questionnaires,
  • fourth-grade school questionnaires,
  • eighth-grade school questionnaires,
  • SD/LEP (students with disabilities or limited-English-proficient student) questionnaires,
  • administration schedules, and
  • rosters.

Questionnaires were offered in traditional paper form and online at,,, and These websites are password protected and are only supported during the data collection period. More than 17,000 questionnaires were completed online.

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