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NAEP Technical DocumentationDistribution of Materials for the 2002 Assessment


2002 Session Shipments

2002 Bulk Materials

2002 Number of Items Distributed for Short Shipments

The 2002 assessment was the first state NAEP assessment for which session materials—items needed to administer the session such as pre-assigned bundles of booklets, writing brochures, and ancillary items—were shipped to assessment coordinators hired by the NAEP data collection staff. Prior to 2002, the state session materials were sent directly to the schools, where school administrators were responsible for giving the assessment.

The NAEP packaging staff pre-assembled writing items into the appropriately sized groupings for distribution based on the spiral maps provided by the NAEP item developers. Before this process began, each writing ancillary was packaged individually. Packaging staff also checked a percentage of those items already located in the materials center warehouse.

In addition to these session materials, bulk shipments were sent. These shipments included materials that could be used by the assessment coordinators from one session to another, such as pencils. Short shipments or additional materials were sent upon request.

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