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NAEP Technical DocumentationDistribution of Questionnaires in 2018

Beginning in 2014, the sampling design data collection staff used their electronic preassessment visit system to handle the administration of the school and teacher questionnaires, including the functions previously completed with printed administration schedules, worksheets, and rosters. In addition, beginning in 2015, the data collection from students with disabilities (SD) and English language learners (ELL) worksheets was built into the preassessment visit system. 

In 2018, NAEP collected data from school and teacher questionnaires via the NAEPq online questionnaire system; approximately 3,100 school and 4,900 teacher questionnaires were entered into the NAEPq system by school staff. 

For the NAEP-NTPS (National Teacher and Principal Survey) linking study, a small sample of principals and teachers participating in the 2018 NAEP pilot studies completed an online questionnaire. This study is to explore the feasibility of administering both NAEP and NTPS to a common set of teachers and schools as part of the NAEP administration. The long term goal is to enhance the utility of both NAEP and NTPS data through linking. The two types of questionnaires were compared and streamlined to reduce overlap or redundancies. Teachers and schools responded to the NAEP portion of the questionnaire and then completed the NTPS questionnaire, which followed. Data was collected via the NAEPq online system from 16 principal questionnaires and approximately 1,700 teacher questionnaires.

Scannable paper questionnaires were also produced and provided to the data collection staff. Approximately, 100 school and 220 teacher completed scannable questionnaires were returned to the materials distribution staff.

Last updated 04 November 2022 (SK)