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NAEP Technical DocumentationPackaging and Distribution


Spiraling and Bundling Booklets

Accommodations Booklets

Questionnaires and Tracking Forms

Distribution of Assessment Materials

The packaging and distribution effort for the assessment involves packaging and mailing documents, associated tracking forms, questionnaires, and bulk supplies to NAEP assessment administrators. The materials distribution system software is utilized for this activity. Information containing shipping addresses, scheduled assessment dates, student names, student demographic information, and a listing of all materials available for use by a participant in a particular subject area are stored here. NAEP test development staff destroy all information containing student names before final files are sent to the weighting and data analysis staff.

Bar code technology is utilized in document control, as has been done since the 1990 NAEP assessment. Each document is identified with a unique identification (ID) number. Each form is assigned a range of ID numbers. Bar codes reflecting this ID number are applied to the front covers of documents.

Spiraling of the NAEP booklets is done according to the pattern specified by NAEP test developers to capture the sample size needed for each subject per grade. The materials staff use the online bundle assignment and distribution system to complete the final packaging process.

Last updated 21 May 2017 (DC)