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NAEP Technical DocumentationDistribution of Materials for the 2014 Assessment

The NAEP materials distribution staff ordered, packaged, and distributed session and bulk materials to data collection administrators.

Using spiraling, staff grouped subject-specific ancillary items into bundles that were appropriately sized for distribution. Booklets and questionnaires were identified with a unique identification number through bar code technology. Test booklets were bundled for distribution.

The session and bulk materials were shipped three weeks before administration to allow for the data collection staff to review the materials and order additional materials if needed.

Additional session and bulk materials were requested via the materials distribution staff's additional orders online system. The materials distribution staff's online materials tracking system provided NAEP data collection staff with

  • the date that materials were shipped,
  • tracking numbers assigned to their shipments,
  • the date to expect their shipments, and
  • a place to record the date the materials arrived.

The online materials tracking system was also used to record when the materials were sent back and when they arrived at the materials distribution contractor's processing center.

Number of sessions administered, by session type and grade: 2014
GradeSession typeNumber of sessions administered
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2014 Assessment.
 4Science pilot70
 8Civics, science pilot670
Geography, U.S. history1,060
Technology and engineering literacy (TEL) 850
12Science pilot60

Last updated 13 May 2021 (SK)