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NAEP Processing Assessment Materials → Packaging and Distribution → Distribution of Assessment Materials → Distribution of Materials for the 2003 Assessment

NAEP Technical DocumentationDistribution of Materials for the 2003 Assessment


2003 Session Shipments

2003 Bulk Materials

2003 Number of Items Distributed for Short Shipments

The NAEP materials distribution staff ordered, packaged, and distributed session and bulk materials to the NAEP assessment coordinators. Questionnaires and tracking forms were shipped to NAEP field supervisors.

Pre-assembling of mathematics ancillary items into the appropriate-sized groupings for distribution was based on the spiral maps received from the NAEP instrument developers. NAEP staff also checked a percentage of those items already located in the materials distribution warehouse.

Booklets and questionnaires were identified with a unique identification number through bar code technology. Student booklets were bundled for distribution.

Session and bulk materials were shipped out approximately three weeks before test administration began. Additional sessions were also requested via the short shipments system, resulting in a total of 591 sessions.

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