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​​NAEP Technical DocumentationDevelopment of NAEP Frameworks

Each NAEP subject area assessment is based on a framework developed by the National Assessment Governing Board (the Governing Board). Each framework provides

  • the theoretical basis for the assessment;
  • the direction for what types of items should be included in the assessment;
  • how the items should be designed; and 
  • how the items should be scored.

The Governing Board, through its Assessment Development Committee, closely monitors all steps in the framework development process. This process results in recommendations for Governing Board action in the form of the following:

  • the assessment framework;
  • item development specifications; and
  • contextual items that relate to the subject being assessed.

In March 2022, the Governing Board released an Assessment Framework Development Policy Statement detailing the guiding principles of NAEP frameworks under the National Assessment of Educational Progress Authorization Act (Public Law 107-279 III, section 303). As described in the policy statement, existing frameworks are reviewed at least once every 10 years to determine whether an update is needed to continue valid and reliable measurement of the content and cognitive processes reflected in evolving expectations of students.

Last updated 01 August 2023 (SK)