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NAEP Technical DocumentationAccommodations Booklets for the 2001 Assessment

In 2001, two types of accommodations booklets were used—read aloud booklets and large-print booklets. At grade 4, both geography and U.S. history assessment designs included three read aloud booklets. At grades 8 and 12, geography was assessed using four read aloud booklets per grade, while U.S. history was assessed using five read aloud booklets per grade. One booklet from each grade in both subject areas was designated as a large-print booklet.

A unique bar code was assigned to each booklet. These bar codes were printed on labels and applied to each booklet. They were then matched to a bundle slip containing seven bar codes. The bar code information printed on each bundle slip was used for receipt verification when the booklets were returned to the NAEP materials processing center in Iowa City, Iowa after the assessment had been administered. Supervisors received a sufficient supply of accommodations booklet bundles in their bulk shipment. These booklets were spiraled within their own booklet distribution map.

Accommodations booklet numbers, including read aloud booklets and large-print booklets, by grade and subject area, national main assessment: 2001
Grade Subject area Read aloud booklet Large-print booklet
4 Geography G31R, G33R, G36R G31R
U.S. history H101, H103, H105 H103
8 Geography G31R, G33R, G36R, G49R G31R
U.S. history H101, H103, H105, H107, H133 H103
12 Geography G31R, G33R, G36R, G49R G45R
U.S. history H101, H103, H105, H107, H133 H104
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2001.

Last updated 17 June 2008 (MH)

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