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NAEP Technical DocumentationDistribution of Materials for the 2005 Assessment

The NAEP materials distribution staff ordered, packaged, and distributed session and bulk materials to data collection administrators. Questionnaires and tracking forms were shipped to the data collection supervisors.

Pre-assembling of subject specific ancillary items into the appropriately-sized groupings for distribution was based on the spiral maps received from the NAEP instrument design staff. Booklets and questionnaires were identified with a unique identification number through bar code technology. Test booklets were bundled for distribution.

Session and bulk materials were shipped out approximately three weeks before test administration began. Additional sessions were requested through the NAEP materials staff system.

In 2005, the NAEP materials-processing staff created an on-line materials tracking system that has been used in all NAEP assessments since. This system allows the data collection staff to track the shipment of material and keep records on its arrival at the distribution center.

Number of sessions distributed, by session type and grade: 2005
Grade Session type Number of sessions distributed
4 Reading/mathematics/science (RS04) 22,706
Reading/mathematics (RM04) 3,335
Pilot (PT04) 674
Science (SC04) 740
Science bridge (SB04) 684
Mathematics - Spanish (PR04) 195
8 Reading/mathematics/science (RS08) 17,625
Reading/mathematics (RM08) 2,607
Pilot (PT08) 787
Science (SC08) 753
Science bridge (SB08) 783
Mathematics - Spanish (PR08) 105
12 Reading/mathematics/science (RS12) 2,405
Pilot (PT12) 999
Science bridge (SB12) 757
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2005 Assessment.

Last updated 03 November 2008 (JL)

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