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Updating Lists of Selected Students

To ensure that every eligible student has a chance to be sampled, school coordinators are asked to provide field staff with a current list of students at the preassessment visit. Field staff compare the current list to the original list of students submitted for sampling to reveal newly identified students, then select a sample of these students. The sampled newly identified students are added to the school's roster of participants.

Also during the preassessment visit, field staff review lists of selected students with school coordinators to identify and remove students identified as withdrawn or graduated, ineligible because they do not attend campus (for example, students who are home schooled or who attend classes off site, such as at a community college or an art institute), or who are neither enrolled nor attending the school in the grade to be assessed. Finally, if any sampled student's information was previously unavailable or otherwise not recorded, field staff seek to obtain the most current information.

Last updated 20 September 2010 (GF)

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