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Supervisory Site Visits

Supervisory site visits permit senior field staff and other NAEP staff to evaluate how assessment teams are performing assessment day responsibilities. These visits, conducted primarily during the first two weeks of the field period, provide an opportunity to identify teams and individuals who are performing effectively and those who may benefit from early intervention strategies, including retraining.

Supervisory site visits include evaluations of whether field staff:

  • collected a signed and dated copy of the school's parent/guardian notification letter before the sessions began;

  • scheduled sessions and managed workloads appropriately;

  • brought all required assessment materials, including field manuals and session scripts;

  • distributed assessment booklets and materials, read session scripts, correctly timed and monitored sessions, and answered student questions according to NAEP guidelines;

  • engaged and interacted appropriately with students, observers, and school staff;

  • conducted required quality control checks of all assessment documents, including session booklets, administration schedules, and questionnaires, prior to packing session boxes for shipping; and

  • maintained the security of NAEP materials at all stages of the assessment process.

Last updated 05 June 2008 (TS)

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