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Distributing Questionnaires

NAEP field staff collect information about school characteristics, curricula, and teacher instructional practices from the principals and teachers of sampled students. This information is used to contextualize student achievement results in NAEP reports. In addition, the teacher of or school staff member most knowledgeable about each sampled student with a disability (SD) and English language learner (ELL) completes a questionnaire that is used by the school coordinator to decide which students can be assessed in general sessions with or without accommodations, assessed in a separate accommodations session, or cannot be assessed at all. Two questionnaires, one for students with a disability and another for English language learners, are completed for any students classified as both SD and ELL.

Field staff ship SD and ELL questionnaires to school coordinators for distribution to teachers and school staff members prior to the preassessment visit. Ideally, all SD and ELL questionnaires are completed and returned to field staff during this visit. However, field staff must sometimes provide questionnaires to school coordinators during the preassessment visit when there are any newly classified or newly identified SD or ELL students. Field staff collect these questionnaires on the school's assessment day.

Field staff distribute school and teacher questionnaires during the preassessment visit for completion and return on assessment day. Since 2001, the school and teacher questionnaires have been available online for school staff.

Last updated 20 September 2010 (GF)

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