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Special Studies

In addition to the assessments, NAEP coordinates a number of related special studies. Such studies often involve special data collection procedures in the field, secondary analyses of NAEP results, and evaluations of various technical procedures. If you are having difficulty locating a special study conducted by the NAEP program, please contact us.

NAEP Research Related to Inclusion

​In order to study the effects on the assessment, NAEP collects information about accommodations needed for students with disabilities (SD) and English language learners (ELL) by asking the school staff most familiar with each student to complete the appropriate SD or ELL questionnaire. The information gathered in this way has informed research for several years, including estimates of how excluded students may have performed and measures of change in inclusion rates.

See a list of studies related to inclusion. Read more about exclusion and accommodation rates as related to assessment results.​​

NAEP e-Library

The NAEP e-Library contains links to various types of resources and reports designed to provide a range of information about the NAEP program and assessment issues. For those who are just becoming familiar with NAEP, or are looking for handy reference information, there are various guides, manuals, and glossaries that offer an overview of NAEP and NAEP terms. For researchers and others seeking more in-depth information, there are links to various papers and reports that detail the technical components of NAEP and demonstrate how NAEP data can be used for the purpose of secondary analysis.

Visit the NAEP e-Library.​


Last updated 22 December 2016 (DS)