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State-Level Science Results

State results are available for for the 2015 science assessment in 46 states and Department of Defense at grades 4 and 8. The following states and one jurisdiction did not participate in the 2015 science assessment at grades 4 and 8:  Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Only national results are available at grade 12. Explore the number of schools and students who participated at the state level at grades 4 and 8 in the "Download Data Tables" section of the 2015 Science Report Card.

View all the state-level results from the most recent assessment by downloading the 2015 NAEP science state Snapshot reports at grade 4 and grade 8.

Visit our State Profiles database for key data about each state's student and school population and the state's NAEP testing history and results.

To help place state results in context, look at the following additional information:


Last updated 24 October 2016 (FW)