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Concurrent Session 1 Presentations

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

1A Surfing the Waves of Change: Privacy & Data Governance During Legislative and Organizational Shifts

Elizabeth Wisnia, California Department of Education
Jerry Winkler, California Department of Education
Niki Vang, California Department of Education
Glenn Miller, California Department of Education

Those who bravely choose to serve the public are often perpetually navigating the turbulent waters of election cycles, leadership changes, reorganization, and legislative updates. Come commiserate with the California Department of Education as we discuss keeping Data Governance and a Privacy Program afloat in a year that has featured a new governor, a new Superintendent of Public Instruction, lots of data stewards retiring/moving to different offices, major legislative shifts such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, and major shifts in data-related priorities.

Complexity: Entry Level

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1B Driving Education through Innovation with Electronic Transcript Data

Jason Weaver, Parchment
Ken Sauer, Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Michael Sessa, Postsecondary Education Standards Council

Moderated by Michael Sessa, CEO Postsecondary Education Standards Council (PESC). State agencies are enabling innovative support of secondary students using transcript data. In this session, state agency leaders will share their efforts, including working to support graduation pathways, to facilitate communication of out of classroom learning through the inclusion of industry credentials and certifications on the academic transcript. Attendees will learn about agency goals and journeys to implement innovation and how the use of data standards can facilitate innovation and drive education.

Complexity: Intermediate Level

1–C Data Success Story: How the Wyoming Department of Education Leverages Automated Data Collection and Validation in Their Identity Management and Directory Manager

John Paul, Wyoming Department of Education
Aziz Elia, CPSI, Ltd.

Join John Paul from the Wyoming Department of Education as he discusses how the WDE is leveraging automated data collection and validation to manage identities and directory information for individuals in 48 school districts and 8 higher education institutions. Learn how the WDE combines legacy infrastructure and a unique API methodology to connect the diverse participants in Wyoming education. Get insider information into the key role data validation plays in the success of the entire system-- from student and staff identifiers to account management and more.

Complexity: Intermediate Level

1D Using Data to Drive Native American Student Success

Sarah Liebrandt, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Michael Vente, Colorado Department of Higher Education
Amy Feygin, American Institutes for Research
Colleen Falkenstern, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Understanding how secondary and postsecondary programs affect education and workforce outcomes is crucial for states in deciding how best to meet the needs of underserved students. This is particularly true for Native American students, who have historically attained a postsecondary credential at lower rates than their peers. Join panelists from Colorado Department of Higher Education, REL Midwest conducting research in partnership with Minnesota Department of Education, and Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education to discuss how states have used data and how they hope to use data in the future to drive education success for Native students.

Complexity: Entry Level

1E IT and Data Security

Barbara Timm, U.S. Department of Education

This session is to review the basic concepts of IT and data security and apply those concepts to SEAs, LEAs, and schools.

Complexity: Entry Level

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1F Georgia Career Pipeline

Bob Swiggum, Georgia Department of Education

Georgia has implemented the Georgia Career Pipeline which links the data between the DOE, the technical colleges of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Labor and the business community to provide a view of the talent graduating from our educational system.

Complexity: Entry Level

1G Forum Guide to Exit Codes

Marilyn King, National Forum on Education Statistics
Jan Petro, National Forum on Education Statistics

In this interactive session, participants will discuss the National Forum on Education Statistics' efforts to create a voluntary, common taxonomy for exit codes and to document best practices for tracking students who transfer, complete high school, drop out, and otherwise exit from an education agency. The Forum is in the process of updating its 2006 publication Accounting for Every Student: A Taxonomy for Standard Student Exit Codes. The forthcoming document will include a revised taxonomy, case studies from state and local education agencies, and best practices for collecting and maintaining exit code data. Join this session to share ideas for the development of this new publication.

Complexity: Entry Level

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1H All Hands On Deck! Supporting State Data Management Efforts Through Collaboration Across Department of Education Offices, Technical Assistance Centers and State Leadership

Jim Campbell, AEM Corporation
Amanda Hoffman, Office of Special Education Programs
Nancy Sharkey, National Center for Education Statistics
Erik Friend, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Hear how two federal program offices (NCES & OSEP), three TA centers (SLDS, CEDS, CIID) and the state led G3 group are actively collaborating to support states in their data management and use efforts. Come to this session to hear from representatives of these offices and programs on their vision and objectives and explore ways to engage in this meaningful work.

Complexity: Entry Level

1J ECIDS: Implementation to Analysis, What the Numbers Mean and How to Interpret Them

Luis Rangel, New Mexico Public Education Department
Figen Bilir, eScholar
Andrew Gomm, New Mexico Public Education Department
Brenda Kofahl, New Mexico Public Education Department

Learn the story behind multiple agencies, The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), Child, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and Department of Health (DOH) and their goals for implementing an Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS). This session will discuss milestones since the kickoff in March 2016, analysis of the data collected so far, interpretation of findings, and moving closer to achieving positive outcomes for each child from preschool through high school and beyond in New Mexico.

Complexity: Entry Level

1K A Model Now Proven: The Free/Open Privacy Standard Driving Relationships to Compliance

Steve Smith, Cambridge Public Schools
Scott Gallant, Webshield & Gallant Consulting Group
Aish Agrawal, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Is this the Holy grail of Privacy? Alliances of agencies and vendors, technical and legal teams, and competitors and partners alike are riding a 'network effect' enabled by SDPC. As we showcase live examples, you will learn how to adopt the free and open standards that identify the right data to the right application with mechanisms to detail at a finite level, contract terms, privacy/security requirements, and the controls that safeguard our students and communities.

Complexity: Advanced Level

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