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Exhibitor Descriptions

AIS Network

Laurie Head (AIS Network), Bethann Canada (AIS Network), and Jay Atkinson (AIS Network)

Virginia School Quality Profiles Enhancements
Award-winning web developer AIS Network will demonstrate recent enhancements to the Virginia School Quality Profiles, an interactive state school report card tool developed for the Virginia Department of Education. Virginia's state school report card has won five national awards and one regional award and has been recognized by the Council of Chief State School Officers, the U.S. Department of Education, the Data Quality Campaign and others.

Center for the Integration of IDEA Data

Travis Peterson (AEM/CIID), Bill Huennekens (AEM/CIID), and Anna Mark (AEM/CIID)

Is there a way to manage special education data within the state longitudinal data system (SLDS) to make EDFacts reporting easier? The Center for the Integration of IDEA Data (CIID) will share how states are realizing benefits in sustainability and efficiency by management and integration of IDEA Part B 616 and 618 data. Visit our poster to learn how your state can work with CIID to complete federal data reporting more efficiently with the use of its free tool, Generate, and have higher quality IDEA data to inform decision-making around students with disabilities.

Common Education Data Standards

Andrea Hall (CEDS/AEM Corp) and Nancy Copa (CEDS/AEM Corp)

The Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) table will provide attendees an opportunity to learn more about how CEDS can help, including interactive information. Attendees will also have an opportunity to engage with a CEDS team member to ask questions, gather information, and/or schedule a demonstration or training.

CPSI, Ltd.

Michelle Elia (CPSI, Ltd.) and Aziz Elia (CPSI, Ltd.)

The State Guide to Easy CEDS/Generate Automation using CPSI's xDStore (CEDS Edition)
At the state level, data collection can be a daunting task. Each district has different configurations and abilities to pass data, plus there are many data silos at the state that have relevant data. Optimally, the data should be automatically collected and validated without placing extra burdens on district and state staff. Plus, the data needs to be integrated into your data warehouse and transformed into the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) format for reporting. Learn how CPSI can help you collect and validate data easily while leveraging our automated REST-based Operational Data Store for CEDS/Generate.

EDFacts Partner Support Center

Doreen Fay (AEM Corp.)

The EDFacts Partner Support Center (PSC) would like to have an exhibitor table to allow any EDFacts stakeholder the opportunity to stop by to meet PSC staff, inquire on open issues, and to ask any technical or functional questions.

Ed-Fi Alliance

Caroline Kazmierski (Ed-FI Alliance) and Andie Iverson (Ed-FI Alliance)

Unlocking Data Interoperability
The Ed-Fi Alliance is a community of educators, technologists, and thought leaders shaping the future of education technology through the ecosystem of Ed-Fi Technologies. At this year's conference, the Ed-Fi Alliance will highlight the benefits of interoperability and guide participants through a detailed strategic plan for achieving full interoperability using the Ed-Fi Data Standard. At our interactive demonstration table, conference attendees will learn what to plan for when designing an IT architecture that supports seamless data exchange, how to work with ed-tech vendors towards interoperability, how to build support and get others on board, and be able to ask unlimited questions!


Mishan Ho-Rezvani (eScholar) and Elissa Seto (eScholar)

eScholar is the nation's leading innovator in education data solutions to support personalized education. For over 20 years, we have served over 20 million students and continue to set the standard for education data management services.

ESP Solutions Group

Glynn Ligon (ESP Solutions Group, Inc.) and Jim Rife (ESP Solutions Group, Inc.)

ESP Solutions Group, Inc. (ESP) is solely focused on improving the quality of education data. We collaborate with our project partners to optimize the collection, management, reporting, and use of data within local and state agencies. Since 1993, we have advised school districts, all state education agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education on the practice of P20W data management. We are nationally recognized experts in implementing the data and technology requirements of state accountability systems; the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Ed-Fi, EDFacts, Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)/Access 4 Learning (4AL), and Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). ESP's collective expertise is represented in our Journal Series and Optimal Reference Guides (downloads are available at

Hupp Information Technologies

Dean Hupp (Hupp Information Technologies)

Solving Teacher Shortage with Technology
HIT provides a complete toolset for state education agencies that ranges from certification and licensure to accreditation and educator evaluation. Come by and see our industry-leading tools and learn how our solutions help state agencies address their most pressing issues.

Insight Policy Research

Albert Liu (Insight Policy Research) and Kelsey Gray (Insight Policy Research)

Visualizing NCES Findings with Tableau
Tableau is a powerful tool that can enable educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to better understand empirical data through data visualization. Insight Policy Research has developed Tableau data visualizations for federal agencies and will apply lessons learned to analyses conducted on behalf of NCES. We will develop data visualizations based on a set of NCES web tables that analyze data from the National Teacher and Principal Survey. We will highlight key findings, link them with secondary findings, and display technical notes for interested readers. The data visualizations will be customized for display on both the web and print.


Steve Setzer (Kimono)

Kimono is a cloud-based, interoperability platform for states, districts, and higher education institutions that improves the accuracy, accessibility, and privacy of student information. Our standards-agnostic platform utilizes the preferred data standard and integration method for each application in one seamless solution.

National Center for Education Statistics Programs

Thomas Snyder (NCES), Amanda Dean (AIR), Danielle Heiny (AIR), and Candace Kent (Hager Sharp)

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) exhibit will showcase the entire range of NCES surveys and programs. There will be a specific focus on new products and web tools.

Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent

Eric Hockman (Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent) and Jeff Powell (Hourglass Education Technology Solutions)

A Robust Decision Support System
To increase student outcomes that's why we're all here. Doing so is a lot easier when your organization collects the right kind of data and provides leaders and the teachers the resources they need to make informed decisions. This exhibit will allow participants to interact with the REILize Decision Support System (RDSS), a robust data management system designed to collect the data necessary to drive K-12 education decision making. We will showcase current system functionality and provide details about upcoming enhancements. We will also share specific information about how the system was utilized by school districts in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Optimal Solutions Group

Brian Cramer (Optimal Solutions Group), Sarah Guile (Optimal Solutions Group), Sadaf Asrar (Optimal Solutions Group), and Vikesh Chauhan (Optimal Solutions Group)

A Demonstration of Optimal's Policy Relevant, Customizable, and Easy to Use Education Tools
Optimal would like to demonstrate the education tools it has developed for various agencies over the years. These tools contain various types of education-related data and allow for the generation of customizable, policy-relevant visualizations and reports for various audiences.


Michael Sessa (PESC) and Jennifer Kim (PESC)

PESC leads the establishment and adoption of trusted open data standards across the education domain by serving as a data standard setting and data standards development body.

Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Technical Assistance

Carla Howe (SLDS State Support Team), Corey Chatis (SLDS State Support Team), Kathy Gosa (SLDS State Support Team), and Jeff Watson (SLDS State Support Team)

Visit the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Technical Assistance (TA) center table to meet with SLDS State Support Team TA experts to ask your state, territory, or agency-specific questions. You will be able to access resources for your SLDS-related needs ranging from data governance to data use, and you will find out how you can access additional self-service resources for your future needs.

Strategic Data Project

Miriam Greenberg (Harvard University) and Alison Guerriero (Harvard University)

Harvard's Strategic Data Project works with education agencies to find and train data leaders to uncover trends, measure solutions, and effectively communicate evidence to stakeholders. Our inspiring network of system leaders, fellows, and faculty come together to share how to best use data to make a difference in the lives of students.

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC)

Steve Smith (Student Data Privacy Consortium)

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is designed to address the day-to-day, real-world multi-faceted issues that schools, states, territories, and vendors face when protecting learner information. SDPC’s vision is to develop common activities, artifacts, templates, tools, and effective practices that can be leveraged through a unique collaborative of end users and marketplace providers working together. For further information, visit

UPD Consulting

Ann Willemssen (UPD Consulting), Ana Quintana (UPD Consulting), and Doug Austin (UPD Consulting)

UPD is an education management consulting firm focused on the technology and use of data to make decisions and implement initiatives. Our senior staff would like to talk with you one-on-one about a challenge you are facing in your organization's data use culture, Ed-Fi implementation, systems interoperability, data governance work, and continuous improvement processes. As part of our demonstration, we will help you identify some ideas and potential resolutions specific to your challenges and assist you in developing next steps to move forward to a solution.