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Annual Reports and Information Staff (Annual Reports)


Flagship Reports

Each year, the Annual Reports group within the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) summarizes data from more than 25 surveys administered by NCES and other government agencies. The key responsibility of Annual Reports is to produce the congressionally mandated Condition of Education—a system of indicators on all levels of education and labor force outcomes in the United states, as well as international comparisons. The Condition of Education is supported by the annual Digest of Education Statistics and Projections of Education Statistics. Together, these three key reports support evidence-based policymaking at the national level and provide convenient access to an array of education statistics that are routinely used by researchers, policy analysts, news media, and the general public.

Topical Studies

Annual Reports also produces topical reports, which may be published on a recurring or one-time basis. These reports provide more in-depth statistics focused on a specific subject or around a set of specific issues. For example, Annual Reports has published recurring reports on the following topics:

Other topical resources focus on State Education Practices and Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Annual Reports also produces other special studies in response to emerging policy needs, such as the congressionally mandated Student Access to Digital Learning Resources Outside of the Classroom.

Additional Contributions

In addition to preparing reports and tabulations, Annual Reports plays a large role in working with the broad community of education statistics producers and users. For example, Annual Reports represents NCES within the Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, which is responsible for the annual publication on America’s Children.