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Annual Reports and Information Staff (Annual Reports)
The Annual Reports group produces reports each year that summarize data from over 25 surveys administered by NCES and other government agencies.
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Condition of Education

Annually updated indicators that track key developments in the U.S. education system

Digest of
Education Statistics

Tabular data covering all levels of education

Projections of
Education Statistics

Forecasts of enrollments, graduates, teachers, and expenditures

Topical Studies

Look at key topics in more detailed reports and tabulations. Access recent topical reports like the ones below, or explore our topical resources, including historically black colleges and universities, historical tables and figures, and state education practices.


The Annual Reports within the NCES produces several reports each year that draw from more than 25 surveys by NCES and other government agencies.

International Data and Indicators

The Annual Reports represents NCES on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Indicators of Education Systems project and is responsible for reporting data on the U.S. education system and contributing to the annual OECD international report Education at a Glance.


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