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Common Core of Data (CCD)

Nonfiscal Instruction Manuals

Below is a list of some of the recent Nonfiscal CCD Instruction Manuals. The instruction manuals contain detailed information on CCD terms, dates, general survey procedures, record layouts, edit messages, and in-depth sets of instructions for filling out of each of the three nonfiscal survey questionnaires.

  • The zipped file contains a WordPerfect formatted file.
  • Click here if you need an unzip utility.
  • For more information on viewing PDF files.

The CCD surveys covered by these instructions include:

  1.   The Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey
  2.   The Public Elementary/Secondary Education Agency Universe Survey
  3.   The State Nonfiscal Survey
School Year File Size Unzipped size
2004–2005 443 KB (PDF) N.A.
2003–2004 483 KB (PDF) N.A.
2002–2003 301 KB (PDF) N.A.
2001–2002 239 KB (PDF) N.A.
2000–2001 380 KB (PDF) N.A.
1999–2000 203 KB (PDF) N.A.
1998–1999 246 KB (PDF) N.A.
1997–1998 91 KB (ZIP) 363 KB
1996–1997 87 KB (ZIP) 341 KB
1995–1996 40 KB (ZIP) 200 KB

 CCD Fiscal and Nonfiscal Instruction Manuals