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Common Core of Data (CCD)

State Coordinators' Corner

The purpose of this web page is, primarily, to communicate with CCD (Common Core of Data) coordinators, who take pains to share their data with the rest of us through the CCD; however; all visitors to the site are welcome to read this information and to ask any questions they may have about CCD data.

  • CCD Nonfiscal Data Collection Training Presentation MS PowerPoint (418 KB)
    This Power Point presentation was given to state CCD coordinators at the 2012 NCES Summer Data Conference. It provides the background and rationale for the CCD portion of the EDEN/EDFacts data collection program and explains the process by which states can most efficiently provide the necessary information and data.

  • State Coordinators' Contact Information
    Contact information including name, phone and e-mail for each state's Fiscal and Non-fiscal Coordinator.

  • Links to State Education Agency Website
    A list of URL's to each State Department of Education's website.

  • Frequently Asked Coordinator Questions
    Here we have posted frequently asked questions on aspects of the CCD data collection and reporting from CCD coordinators and other SEA data collectors.

  • CCD State Awards
    NCES gives annual CCD State Awards for data processing and content.

  • Other CCD Coordinator Resources
    Listed here are a variety of resources: reporting tools for coordinators (fiscal and nonfiscal), instruction manuals (on how to fill out surveys); publications; and other information.

If you have comments or suggestions for the CCD Coordinator's Corner, contact Patrick Keaton.