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Demonstration Descriptions

Aspect Software, Inc.

John Luddy and Joel Lathrop, Aspect Software, Inc.

    Aspect Software is a nationally managed Microsoft Systems Integrator with a strong education practice serving both K–12 and higher education customers. Aspect’s practice areas include: Unified Communications, Portals & Analytics, Websites & Mobile, and Dynamics CRM. Stop by for a demonstration and meet our education team!

Choice Solutions

Jennifer Lally and Zachary Tussing, Choice Solutions

    Choice Solutions is a leading education consulting and solutions provider with its industry-leading identity and data-management platform, edFusion. Founded in 2001 with a vision of partnering with state and local agencies, Choice Solutions brings a holistic approach to moving and delivering education information and services to proper stakeholders. With a portfolio of proven, quality solutions, Choice Solutions has the privilege of serving many government organizations, including 17 state departments of education and numerous school districts, regional education centers, and privately run education agencies. By taking a partner-centric approach with customers, the Choice team helps education entities deliver on their vision of integrated content and data environments.

CPSI, Ltd.

Gay Sherman, Michelle Elia, and Dennis Wallace, CPSI, Ltd.

    CPSI’s xDStudio delivers a highly scalable, extensible statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS) solution that provides automated real-time data collections and reporting. We provide continuous data validation and error reporting along with longitudinal data analysis processes to give all your stakeholders up-todate quality data that are always available for review, analysis, and reporting. You can easily expand the system to include a larger set of data pulled from additional data sources. The XML generator allows your organization to use any data standard, including Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), inBloom, Ed- Fi, National Education Data Model (NEDM), Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), P20W Education Standards Council (PESC), or a combination of standards for various purposes.

eScholar LLC

Shawn Bay, Wolf Boehme, and Nisa Torres, eScholar LLC

    eScholar®—Personalized Education Starts at eScholar. As the leading innovator in providing data and technology solutions in education, eScholar products provide clean, integrated data that are used to drive effectiveness and improve individual student achievement. Stop by our table to see a demonstration of eScholar myTrack®, eScholar’s newest solution that allows teachers, parents, and students to create and manage individual, data-based goals, and learn more about other eScholar solutions, including eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®, Uniq-ID®, and Interstate ID eXchange™. eScholar provides comprehensive solutions that are relied on by 13 state agencies, supporting nearly 5,000 districts with over 20 million students, from early childhood through postsecondary.

ESP Solutions Group

Joshua Goodman, Glynn Ligon, Steve King, and Barbara Clements, ESP Solutions Group

    ESP Solutions Group is solely focused on improving the quality of education data. Its team of education experts pioneered the concept of “data-driven decisionmaking” (D3M) and now partners to optimize the management of data within state agencies. ESP Solutions Group has advised school districts, all 52 state education agencies, and the U.S. Department of Education on the practice of P–20W data management. ESP Solutions Group is comprised of nationally recognized experts in implementing the data and technology requirements of state accountability systems, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), EDEN/EDFacts, and the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), as well as both the National Education Data Model (NEDM) and the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). ESP’s collective expertise is represented in their Optimal Reference Guides (downloads are available at resources.php). To learn more, visit www.

Infinite Campus

Joe Fox, Infinite Campus

    Infinite Campus provides a statewide data collection solution that connects to and collects data from local district student information systems. Infinite Campus delivers a proven, comprehensive state solution that includes unique student and staff IDs, district-to-district data transfers, and teacher-student data linkage. Our five statewide initiatives give us unique insights into the complexities and subtleties of planning and managing this important project.

National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center (nSPARC)

Kara Templeton, nSPARC

    Big data solutions for education, workforce, and economic development. The National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center (nSPARC) can help make your organization competitive in a world of everchanging policies and programs. nSPARC offers a wide array of expertise, including on-demand software services, data warehousing, partnership development, and data-driven decisionmaking. Our brand of strategic planning is ideal for addressing complex policy and research questions and meeting the information needs of your organization. The nSPARC team will be happy to show you how big data can empower you.

P20W Education Standards Council (PESC)

Jennifer Kim and Michael Sessa, PESC

    P20W Education Standards Council (PESC) is the only voluntary, consensus-based data standards-setting body in education. Participation in PESC satisfies federal requirements for agencies; and with national and international membership, PESC looks to ensure that all data initiatives are working toward interoperability.


Todd Perry, Gary Johnson, Diane Weaver, and Phil Conley, Pearson

    Pearson is the industry leader in educational technology solutions, offering schools and districts access to an unparalleled suite of technologies that address the challenges of achievement, reporting, growth, system integration, and scalability. Pearson helps educators connect the dots between data, content, and achievement, thus enabling true personalized learning and measurable student performance.

SparkWorks (CANCELLED)

Janet Corral, SparkWorks

    This demonstration will show attendees how to integrate evidence-based approaches to feedback and assessment to build their own competency-based, adaptive learning system for use within their own courses and classrooms. Learn to build engaging content that requires only one publishing step to be compatible with online and mobile learning experiences for your learners.