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Opening Plenary Session

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
1:15 – 2:15pm

Welcome and Introductions

Jack Buckley, Commissioner
National Center for Education Statistics

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Keynote Speech

The State Education Agency’s Role in Effective Use of Data Within Education

Bob Swiggum, Deputy Superintendent Technology Services/Chief Information Officer Georgia Department of Education

The future success of education is dependent on multiple factors, but data is integral to every one of them, making data the key factor. Without data, information cannot be generated; without information, you cannot take decisive action; and without decisive action, education will not improve. Today’s educational environment has more than 13,000 school districts, each one trying in its own way to effectively utilize data to improve education. The problem is that less than two percent of the districts have the capacity and resources to turn their data into actionable information and make it available to their staffs. State educational agencies are in the best position to partner with their districts to develop and implement comprehensive, statewide strategies to provide districts with scalable solutions and actionable information within a cost structure that is sustainable. State educational agencies are also in the best position to partner with other states to further increase the ability to sustain solutions.

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Renée Rowland, NCES STATS-DC/MIS Conference Manager
National Center for Education Statistics