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Sample Reading Components items

Reading Components: Sample Word Meaning (Print Vocabulary) Items

For Word Meaning items, respondents are asked to circle the word that matches the picture.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Reading Components: Sample Sentence Processing Items

For Sentence Processing items, respondents are asked to make a sensibility judgment about a sentence with respect to the real world or the internal logic of the sentence. The respondent reads the sentence and circles YES if the sentence makes sense or NO if the sentence does not make sense.

Sample Sentences:

Three girls ate the song. YES NO
The man drove the green car. YES NO
The lightest balloon floated in the bright sky. YES NO
A comfortable pillow is soft and rocky. YES NO
A person who is twenty years old is older than a person who is thirty years old. YES NO


Reading Components: Sample Passage Comprehension Items

For Passage Comprehension items, respondents are asked to read a passage and circle the word that makes the sentence make sense.

Sample Passage:

To the editor: Yesterday, it was announced that the cost of riding the bus will increase. The price will go up by twenty percent starting next wife / month. As someone who rides the bus every day, I am upset by this
foot / increase. I understand that the cost of gasoline / student has risen. I also understand that riders have to pay a fair price / snake for bus service. I am willing to pay a little more because I rely on the bus to get to object / work. But an increase / uncle of twenty percent is too much.

This increase is especially difficult to accept when you see the city's plans to build a new sports stadium. The government will spend millions on this project even though we already have a science / stadium. If we delay the stadium, some of that money can be used to offset the increase in bus fares / views. Then, in a few years, we can decide if we really do need a new sports cloth / arena. Please let the city council know you care about this issue by attending the next public meeting / frames.