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Schedule and Plans

U.S. Participation in PIAAC

This is a computer generated image of the PIAAC timeline highlighting specific years in the PIAAC data collection in the United States. The first year shown is 2012, the second year shown is 2014, the third year shown is 2017 and the fourth year shown is 2021.

Cycle 1

  • 2012: U.S. Round 1 Data Collction (including 23 other countries)
  • 2014: U.S. Round 2 Data Collection (including 9 additional countries)
  • 2017: U.S. Round 3 Data Collection
    • Small area estimates for 2012-17 period (e.g. counties)

Cycle 2

  • 2021: U.S. and more than 35 other countries

The future schedule for U.S. PIAAC products is as follows:

  • Fall 2016: Updated Interactive Data Portal
  • Fall 2016: Updated NCES International Data Explorer (IDE)
  • Fall 2016: Prison Report
  • Winter 2017: Young Adults Report

For more detailed information on PIAAC's past and future schedule and plans, please click here