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PIAAC 2017 Adults With Children
Parents and Non-parents, by educational attainment

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Table 3.1. Number of adults age 16 to 74, by whether or not they have children and educational attainment: 2012/2014
Characteristics Total Have children
Yes No

NOTE: Respondents were asked whether they have children, and were instructed to include stepchildren and children not living in the respondentís household. Standard errors are in parentheses. The population excludes literacy-related non-response and cases for which information on children or educational attainment is not available. Estimates of number of adults are rounded to the nearest 10 thousand and estimates of standard errors are rounded to the nearest thousand. Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding. The category "Above high school but no degree" includes the following two educational attainment categories: "Pre-associate education. Attended trade school, college, or university; no certificate or degree received" and "A certificate from a college or trade school for completion of a program prior to the associate/bachelor's degree".

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) 2012/2014

All adults 216,750,000 standard error (1,086,000) 144,760,000 standard error (1,619,000) 71,990,000 standard error (1,386,000)
Educational attainment            
Below high school 30,380,000 standard error (614,000) 17,550,000 standard error (559,000) 12,830,000 standard error (371,000)
High school credential 57,840,000 standard error (418,000) 41,210,000 standard error (562,000) 16,630,000 standard error (525,000)
Above high school but no degree 50,320,000 standard error (902,000) 34,240,000 standard error (1,054,000) 16,080,000 standard error (652,000)
Associate's degree 18,910,000 standard error (910,000) 12,710,000 standard error (712,000) 6,200,000 standard error (524,000)
Bachelor's degree 36,210,000 standard error (949,000) 23,090,000 standard error (940,000) 13,120,000 standard error (539,000)
Graduate or professional degree 23,090,000 standard error (935,000) 15,970,000 standard error (608,000) 7,120,000 standard error (636,000)